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Nobody has ever done a gameplay video of this in 2 years, so I shall.


I liked this game! It was fun to play, and super stressful just like real parallel parking!!! The only issue I had was that the night level seemed to be broken? I could never get the final park to trigger. (starts at around 7:41 if you want to see for yourself)


Thanks for making a video, and I'll look into that problem. 😇

i just downloaded this game and it won't open?? it keeps saying it "can't be opened" :(


Are you able to provide any screenshots?

this is what i get


Try this: :)

i tried doing that but for some reason its still giving me the same error. i will keep trying though lol


Really enjoyable game - especially liked the bonus levels.

Only things I've found problematic though are:
- The car's behaviour when changing gears is odd - when changing gears I have to wait before then speeding up - otherwise it continues going fowards/backwards when I don't want it to.
- The parking space sometimes doesn't activate when I've parked in there.

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Update: New video posted after playing the update - thank you for letting me know!

I think you have a great concept with a nice set of visuals that fit the game and genre. I imagine this would work fairly well as a mobile release, too. Best of luck on the rest of development!

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Thanks for your kind words and going through the effort of making and editing a video. One thing I should point out which I didn't make clear in the game, the car has to be at a complete stop before you change gear but I'll make note of that in the update.

I'm hoping to release an update this weekend.     :D

 Thanks, Michael - appreciate the reply, and thanks for the clarification!


Update has been released.